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I strive to be mindful and intentional about my actions, and what legacy I will leave behind. I truly believe that is a basic tenet to any type of sustainability work. Ultimately, we want to be good and do good, but sometimes we need a little help along the way.


Our impact on society (whether it be economic, social or environmental) requires thoughtfulness, using a balanced approach - incorporating creativity, leadership, inclusiveness, resourcefulness, experience, and simplicity.

That’s where I can help. I am an experienced corporate sustainability specialist, media spokesperson, entrepreneur, and consultant, who drives global behaviors and practices.

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As the former leader of sustainable practices for the majority of IKEA retail outlets around the world, I advocated for government policies supporting eco/social-positive change, built collaborative efforts between the non-profit and corporate sectors, and spearheaded internal change through education and communication initiatives. Multi-level engagement, collaboration, and education are central to the success of my sustainability strategies.


My entrepreneurial career began when I opened a chain of retail outlets when I was just 18 years old. During my Master’s degree in Environment and Management, I gained valuable experience working as a sustainability planning consultant for municipalities, cities, and conservation areas. I then honed my experience and talents working for IKEA both in Canada and at a global level. Presently, I work as a consultant to help organizations create a sustainable and long-term future – with a focus on the impact of its products and services, operations, and community work.


I have a passion for collaboratively creating a positive and lasting impact. I look forward to working alongside you and your team!

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